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Gemini Crystal Shelf

Gemini Crystal Shelf

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Sodalite is a stone of logic, rationality, and efficiency. Known as a stone of truth; it helps to bring truth to all communications both positive and negative. It also stimulates knowledge.
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Hematite is most commonly used to ground, stabilize and protect the spiritual, mental, and physical self. Known as a “STONE FOR THE MIND”, hematite is used to promote organization, original thoughts, and logical thinking. This emotionally brings calm and higher self-esteem.
Root Chakra 

Crystal Quartz is considered a “POWER STONE”, crystal enhances many forms of energy by absorbing, storing, and balancing it. With its ability to transmit and channel universal energy, crystal quartz is beneficial in manifesting, meditating, and healing. It promotes greater wisdom, spiritual growth, and creativity.
Crown Chakra 

Tigers Eye 

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