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Archangel Michael Protection Oil

Archangel Michael Protection Oil

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 Invoking, Protection, Curse Removal 1 ozUse to anoint the body, use to fix candles, charm items or amulets. Use during meditation. 

Our Never Failing Archangel Michael 

Where do I begin, not only is Archangel Michael the prince of the heavenly armies but also defends us in battle. There’s is no limit to what you May ask of our Glorious Archangel Michael. A  Protection sent from the Devine, a defender who pulls evil and wickedness right from the root and back to the pits of hell, Generational curse remover, shares a Devine light that bring peace within, healing to the soul, stands guard over the churches. Archangel Michael is more than willing to take your prayers to the creator. He comes to you with his Devine sword and will cut that of what no longer serves you. 
Remind you of the spiritual evolved being you are. When you face those crossroads in life he will stand by your side giving you strength and the courage so that you may fulfill your life’s purpose. 
Always remember 


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