External Crystal Shapes

Sphere | Ball 

Restores and balances energy, radiates energy evenly all around. Crystal balls radiate a soft and even energy in all directions. They are used to promote stability and harmony.



Unifies energy | Clusters emit high energy vibrations in different directions. Use for cleansing and charging other crystals or to raise the ambient energy in a room. 

Terminated Point

Uses the point to gather energy towards you or point away to draw energy off.


Double Terminated Point 

Aligns and balances energy, emits and receives energy in both directions. Breaks up energy.



Protective; conserves energy and amplifies energy in a slow even release. 



Strengthens and rebalance energy.


Grounds, connects with earth energy, transforms negative to positive. 



Amplifies healing and love energy.



Manifest | removes blocks | amplifies strongly. Crystal pyramids are great manifestation tools that are grounded to the earth but transmit direct and focused energy upwards.


Channels energy in a specific direction. Crystal wands are healing tools that transmits positive energy through the tip and draws out negative energy through the bottom end, Use in meditation and to heal and balance the chakras. 

Palm Stone

Aligns and attracts energy. 



Emits a strong, pure energy. This assists with grounding abilities. The crystal in a natural state is more aligned to the energy of the Earth.


Can Be easily worn close to the body (such as a bra) for daily connection, grounding, and healing. Radiates gentle energy in all directions, place in your pocket or bag for constant flow of subtle energy.


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